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Update on the Sunnyside Project!

On August 6th, homeowner Christopher Galeassi returned home from his long hospital stay to find his condemned home not only approved for occupancy, but transformed to a clean, safe, and appealing place to live thanks to the efforts of volunteers from his neighborhood, various social media outlets, and Habitat for Humanity. By using a combination of donated used furniture and accessories and giving some much needed attention to valued family heirlooms, Kristen was able to create a tasteful, comfortable design that allows Chris to move and live independently throughout his home despite mobility challenges brought about as a result of his accident and subsequent illness.

Home by Kristen was proud to be a contributing member of the team that brought about this transformation. Kristen is grateful to the many volunteers that took her ideas and suggestions and made them a reality. Home by Kristen firmly believes that the foundation of personal liberty and security is having a place that one is proud to call home.

While much of the interior work is finished, there are still some final projects to complete on the inside and a great deal more to do on the outside of Chris's home before winter comes. He is in need of new windows, renovations to his front porch (including an access ramp), and general landscaping. To contribute to this effort, contact Home by Kristen or donate at

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