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Sunnyside Project: Resident


THANK YOU!! I started The Sunnyside Project and I had no idea that I was getting myself in way over my head. I went to my neighbor's for help and by asking them we found Kristen Albone !!! She is a Angel!! She has a heart of gold to spend as much time as she did with a group of people she never met before. She not only helped us fix up a really broken down trailer for a man who had nothing else she made it a home again...from the painting the whole house to fixing up his beat up furniture to just giving us an ear when we needed to vent. I can't than you enough and words can't say how wonderful a person you truly are....I NOT only had the honor to work with you but I trust you to call you a good friend I moved just before the house was done and yet you stayed and are still helping today that speaks volumes about what kind of special person you are!!! THANK YOU XOXOX THANK YOU!!!



Marion Dinofa: Realtor

Kristen has been a great resource for both me as a realtor and for my clients. She does a great job of quickly and efficiently assessing the perceived shortcomings of a particular space and implementing attractive, affordable staging solutions.  She understand what today's buyers seek in a home and how to draw attention to features that boost a home's value. Kristen has helped me out with my own home, and I would not hesitate to call her again!

Consignment Client

Working with Home by Kristen has been a good business partnership from the lifetime of collecting on the farm and marketing these treasures in the Philadelphia area.

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