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Responsible Design

Environmental Responsibility

How does a design business work with environmental responsibility? We start with purchasing and finding furniture pieces locally to avoid added shipping which would negatively increase our environmental footprint and add unnecessary cost to our projects. Purchasing pieces that just require a little TLC recycles or up-cycles perfectly good pieces and keeps potentially beautiful furiture from going to ending up in landfills.  All it takes is a good eye and some handiwork; lucky for you, Home by Kristen offers both! 


We also work incredibly hard to give back to the community. The Sunnyside Project and The Upcycle Challenge were ways for us to accomplish this.  Shopping at places like Habitat for Humanity Restore and local thrift stores that partner with local charities creates a win-win way for us to give back to the community. We get great pieces to love and we get to give back to those in need. Check out the Current Projects page to see what's happening with Home by Kristen in the community and check out the blog for updates! 


Both environmental and social responsibilty work together to create financial responsibility. You can purchase from Home by Kristen knowing that you are supporting a local business and the local economy and that your funds go to a worthy cause. Purchasing with Home by Kristen ensures that you get beautiful design with a manageable budget. The places that we purcase our materials from ensure that the money we save here goes back into the local economy. By working responsibly with the local community, Home by Kristen keeps the cost of purchasing beautiful design down and makes it a 'buyers' remorse' free experience.

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